Saturday, 23 April 2011

In Hellcats season 1 episode 19, Marti Takes Case to Crack it Alone!

Hey Friends!

Amazing! That’s the word I have for the Hellcats episode I saw recently! It featured two stories at a time. The investigation of Marti about her father’s past and, the case of a deceiving sportsman!

The two cases maintained the interest of the people and now they are waiting for another dose of amazing entertainment! Now, to interest its viewers, the show has brought something unusual.

Yes! Read the title once again! For the first time in Hellcats history, a case will not be solved by the team! In fact, Marti will take it on herself alone, to crack the case!

This episode entitled ‘Before I Was Caught’ will focus on a case, which Marti wants to take in her hands! Marti will persuade Julian to allow her to stand for a Lancer University student at Honor Court. But, when she gets into the details of the case, she will realize that the case is more personal than she had thought!

That’s not the end! Red and Vanessa will be astounded to know that Red’s former wife has been appointed to investigate information about staff and athletic plans!

I’m sure this has compelled you to watch Hellcats s01e19 online! So, wait for it to hit the screens and see how Marti cracks the case!

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