Thursday, 28 April 2011

Will One Piece Episode 496 Depict The Unusual Once Again?

Hello everyone!

One Piece started with the journey of Luffy to become the King of Pirates. But, as the show progressed, it showed something unanticipated. Talking of the current season, when people were expecting some action, the show went emotional.

I will not go too far to justify the statement. The second episode, which aired in 2011, depicted the death of Ace. In the quest of saving Luffy’s life from Akainu, Ace sacrificed his life. It was a heart-touching depiction, when Ace apologized for not being able to save Luffy.

Even after Ace died, viewers did come across him in one of the recently-aired episodes! However, they saw him in a flashback featured in the series. So, when people were actually expecting hardcore action, the show went the emotional way again!

In the story, Luffy met Ace ten years before he encountered the waves of the sea. Ace didn’t like him at all when they met for the first time. The depiction went poignant when Ace tried to make things difficult for Luffy.

Now a question arises. Will One Piece episode 496 surprise its viewers with unanticipated depictions? Well, we can only get the answer after the installment airs. Therefore, let’s wait and see the next segment and find out what the show has got in store for us.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Watch Fringe Season 3 Episode 21 To See Olivia Battle With Time!

If anything related to unearthly occurrences like machines that can destroy the universe or complex parallel universe theories seem convincing to you, then Fringe is the series for you.

Fringe revolves around a division of Federal Bureau of Investigation, which employs unconventional methods to unlock the mysteries which baffle the logical minds. The team includes Olivia Dunham, Dr. Walter Bishop and Peter Bishop. Along with the leads that are gifted in their own way, the show puts forth many other characters that force you to put on your thinking cap on.

The upcoming episode of the third season is named ‘The Last Sam Weiss’. The thrilling episode will follow Olivia Dunham take on the time element on her pursuits, which will take her to dodgy shores. She will be accompanied by the mystic Sam Weiss, who will help her in her race against time.

The market of speculations is already hot and everyone is making their guesses about the upcoming installment.

Catch Fringe s03e21 online to be part of the exhilarating chase, which will give you sweat breakouts for sure. Jump on the thrilling ride!

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Smallville Season 10 Episode 19 Online Really a ‘Dominion’

Hello, to all the fans or rather residents of Smallville!

The show has been around for long now, and there are two more episodes left before the grand finale. The celebration of this series would indeed be seemingly endless, as far as nostalgia is concerned.

So, for now, just bask in the glory of past years and wait for the ‘Dominion’. Yes! Episode 19 of the latest season has been entitled that, and it’s no misnomer.

All this time, we witnessed Clarke’s progress from a farm lad, into the American symbol of truth and justice. And lately, with the advent of new characters, like Booster Gold, the upcoming episode would be adrenalin-pumping.

This new episode would showcase Green Arrow a.k.a. Oliver, thriving hard on entertainment. And like a true-blue fan of the show, you would like to be spoiled, before you actually watch Smallville s10e19 online.

We would see the escapades of prisoners of the Phantom Zone. It would be so exciting to watch Clark and Oliver demystify the escaping route of these prisoners. Sounds Wow!

And yeah, as reported, we would also see the much-awaited arrival of Kryptonian villain, Zod.

I am telling you; don’t miss the fag end of this 10-year-old superhero ride.

Happy viewing!

Blue Bloods S01E20 All That Glitters Takes On Tourist Homicide Case

Hi Everyone!

Blue Bloods is ready with another case; a murder case that is creating much frenzy! A tourist has been murdered!

It’s not every day that a tourist gets caught in the web of killers.

Keeping the seriousness of this issue in mind, Blue Bloods Season 1 Episode 20 All That Glitters will present a case, dealing with a tourist’s murder.

In this episode, Danny will investigate a case that has a tourist, killed outside the East Side restaurant. It has become the talk of the town, as media will make it all the more sensational! As a result, Frank will be irritated with the media; and he will come forward to handle the situation.

The story sounds quite captivating. We just need to wait, and watch how Danny traps the killer; and the reason behind this homicide. Moreover, Frank’s method of tackling the media would make for an interesting watch.

Monday, 25 April 2011

It's 'anything for love' in the latest phase of The Vampire Diaries season 2 episode 20

The enigmatic fiction that comes with the name tag of The Vampire Diaries is about to air its latest episode and it is something that is teeming with love.

The episode titled ‘The Last Day’ is slated to air on the 28th of this month and is something that will make the love bird in you, do crazy flights.

As you watch The Vampire Diaries s02e20, you will see two major happenings. First being Damon’s persevering attempts to stop Klaus from breaking the curse. Second being Stefan and Elena’s romantic outing before the full moon, fearing that this day out of theirs may boil out to be their last.

Aptly, the episode has been tilted ‘The Last Day.’ These are not the only events that this episode promises to bring to you. As Damon attempts to protect Elena, the tension between him and Stefan rises and blows up to quite an unwanted degree. Also this episode will bring Tyler back to Mystic falls.

With all this, the episode will give the story a very fine turn and take the order into further confusion.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Bad Girls Club season 6 episode 13 Presents Next Round of Glamour, Fights And Tantrums!

Hey reality series lovers!

Bad Girls Club is a real hub of tantrums, glamour, verbal encounters and cat fights. Well, these kinds of things are quite obvious, when a group has seven clever girls.

The exceptionally bad girls of this club are forever entertaining, always tempting us to grab the engrossing installments of the show. To know the next happening of this glam house, stay tuned!

In the upcoming installment of the series, a grand photo shoot is going to take place.

Do you think any of its episodes can be complete without verbal and physical encounter?

This time, there is a surety that we are going to witness several jaw-dropping moments, in which girls will be pulling-off each other’s hair, and head!

Last episode had Nikki and Wilma as arch rivals, and they have been putting blood and sweat in order to kick-off each other from this reality show.

Well, I would say Nikki is more successful in this attempt than anyone else. In front of her tantrums and challenges, you do not stand a chance. When you watch Bad Girls Club season 6 episode 13 online, you will witness Nikki trying all the possible methods to freak out Wilma.

It seems that Wilma will be under great stress! Good luck Wilma!

Gone are the days, when girls loved the ‘good girl’ tag! Now, they love to hear negative adjectives!

If you don’t believe me, just check out the exceptionally thought-provoking installments of Bad Girls Club!

Saturday, 23 April 2011

In Hellcats season 1 episode 19, Marti Takes Case to Crack it Alone!

Hey Friends!

Amazing! That’s the word I have for the Hellcats episode I saw recently! It featured two stories at a time. The investigation of Marti about her father’s past and, the case of a deceiving sportsman!

The two cases maintained the interest of the people and now they are waiting for another dose of amazing entertainment! Now, to interest its viewers, the show has brought something unusual.

Yes! Read the title once again! For the first time in Hellcats history, a case will not be solved by the team! In fact, Marti will take it on herself alone, to crack the case!

This episode entitled ‘Before I Was Caught’ will focus on a case, which Marti wants to take in her hands! Marti will persuade Julian to allow her to stand for a Lancer University student at Honor Court. But, when she gets into the details of the case, she will realize that the case is more personal than she had thought!

That’s not the end! Red and Vanessa will be astounded to know that Red’s former wife has been appointed to investigate information about staff and athletic plans!

I’m sure this has compelled you to watch Hellcats s01e19 online! So, wait for it to hit the screens and see how Marti cracks the case!