Thursday, 28 April 2011

Will One Piece Episode 496 Depict The Unusual Once Again?

Hello everyone!

One Piece started with the journey of Luffy to become the King of Pirates. But, as the show progressed, it showed something unanticipated. Talking of the current season, when people were expecting some action, the show went emotional.

I will not go too far to justify the statement. The second episode, which aired in 2011, depicted the death of Ace. In the quest of saving Luffy’s life from Akainu, Ace sacrificed his life. It was a heart-touching depiction, when Ace apologized for not being able to save Luffy.

Even after Ace died, viewers did come across him in one of the recently-aired episodes! However, they saw him in a flashback featured in the series. So, when people were actually expecting hardcore action, the show went the emotional way again!

In the story, Luffy met Ace ten years before he encountered the waves of the sea. Ace didn’t like him at all when they met for the first time. The depiction went poignant when Ace tried to make things difficult for Luffy.

Now a question arises. Will One Piece episode 496 surprise its viewers with unanticipated depictions? Well, we can only get the answer after the installment airs. Therefore, let’s wait and see the next segment and find out what the show has got in store for us.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Watch Fringe Season 3 Episode 21 To See Olivia Battle With Time!

If anything related to unearthly occurrences like machines that can destroy the universe or complex parallel universe theories seem convincing to you, then Fringe is the series for you.

Fringe revolves around a division of Federal Bureau of Investigation, which employs unconventional methods to unlock the mysteries which baffle the logical minds. The team includes Olivia Dunham, Dr. Walter Bishop and Peter Bishop. Along with the leads that are gifted in their own way, the show puts forth many other characters that force you to put on your thinking cap on.

The upcoming episode of the third season is named ‘The Last Sam Weiss’. The thrilling episode will follow Olivia Dunham take on the time element on her pursuits, which will take her to dodgy shores. She will be accompanied by the mystic Sam Weiss, who will help her in her race against time.

The market of speculations is already hot and everyone is making their guesses about the upcoming installment.

Catch Fringe s03e21 online to be part of the exhilarating chase, which will give you sweat breakouts for sure. Jump on the thrilling ride!

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Smallville Season 10 Episode 19 Online Really a ‘Dominion’

Hello, to all the fans or rather residents of Smallville!

The show has been around for long now, and there are two more episodes left before the grand finale. The celebration of this series would indeed be seemingly endless, as far as nostalgia is concerned.

So, for now, just bask in the glory of past years and wait for the ‘Dominion’. Yes! Episode 19 of the latest season has been entitled that, and it’s no misnomer.

All this time, we witnessed Clarke’s progress from a farm lad, into the American symbol of truth and justice. And lately, with the advent of new characters, like Booster Gold, the upcoming episode would be adrenalin-pumping.

This new episode would showcase Green Arrow a.k.a. Oliver, thriving hard on entertainment. And like a true-blue fan of the show, you would like to be spoiled, before you actually watch Smallville s10e19 online.

We would see the escapades of prisoners of the Phantom Zone. It would be so exciting to watch Clark and Oliver demystify the escaping route of these prisoners. Sounds Wow!

And yeah, as reported, we would also see the much-awaited arrival of Kryptonian villain, Zod.

I am telling you; don’t miss the fag end of this 10-year-old superhero ride.

Happy viewing!

Blue Bloods S01E20 All That Glitters Takes On Tourist Homicide Case

Hi Everyone!

Blue Bloods is ready with another case; a murder case that is creating much frenzy! A tourist has been murdered!

It’s not every day that a tourist gets caught in the web of killers.

Keeping the seriousness of this issue in mind, Blue Bloods Season 1 Episode 20 All That Glitters will present a case, dealing with a tourist’s murder.

In this episode, Danny will investigate a case that has a tourist, killed outside the East Side restaurant. It has become the talk of the town, as media will make it all the more sensational! As a result, Frank will be irritated with the media; and he will come forward to handle the situation.

The story sounds quite captivating. We just need to wait, and watch how Danny traps the killer; and the reason behind this homicide. Moreover, Frank’s method of tackling the media would make for an interesting watch.

Monday, 25 April 2011

It's 'anything for love' in the latest phase of The Vampire Diaries season 2 episode 20

The enigmatic fiction that comes with the name tag of The Vampire Diaries is about to air its latest episode and it is something that is teeming with love.

The episode titled ‘The Last Day’ is slated to air on the 28th of this month and is something that will make the love bird in you, do crazy flights.

As you watch The Vampire Diaries s02e20, you will see two major happenings. First being Damon’s persevering attempts to stop Klaus from breaking the curse. Second being Stefan and Elena’s romantic outing before the full moon, fearing that this day out of theirs may boil out to be their last.

Aptly, the episode has been tilted ‘The Last Day.’ These are not the only events that this episode promises to bring to you. As Damon attempts to protect Elena, the tension between him and Stefan rises and blows up to quite an unwanted degree. Also this episode will bring Tyler back to Mystic falls.

With all this, the episode will give the story a very fine turn and take the order into further confusion.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Bad Girls Club season 6 episode 13 Presents Next Round of Glamour, Fights And Tantrums!

Hey reality series lovers!

Bad Girls Club is a real hub of tantrums, glamour, verbal encounters and cat fights. Well, these kinds of things are quite obvious, when a group has seven clever girls.

The exceptionally bad girls of this club are forever entertaining, always tempting us to grab the engrossing installments of the show. To know the next happening of this glam house, stay tuned!

In the upcoming installment of the series, a grand photo shoot is going to take place.

Do you think any of its episodes can be complete without verbal and physical encounter?

This time, there is a surety that we are going to witness several jaw-dropping moments, in which girls will be pulling-off each other’s hair, and head!

Last episode had Nikki and Wilma as arch rivals, and they have been putting blood and sweat in order to kick-off each other from this reality show.

Well, I would say Nikki is more successful in this attempt than anyone else. In front of her tantrums and challenges, you do not stand a chance. When you watch Bad Girls Club season 6 episode 13 online, you will witness Nikki trying all the possible methods to freak out Wilma.

It seems that Wilma will be under great stress! Good luck Wilma!

Gone are the days, when girls loved the ‘good girl’ tag! Now, they love to hear negative adjectives!

If you don’t believe me, just check out the exceptionally thought-provoking installments of Bad Girls Club!

Saturday, 23 April 2011

In Hellcats season 1 episode 19, Marti Takes Case to Crack it Alone!

Hey Friends!

Amazing! That’s the word I have for the Hellcats episode I saw recently! It featured two stories at a time. The investigation of Marti about her father’s past and, the case of a deceiving sportsman!

The two cases maintained the interest of the people and now they are waiting for another dose of amazing entertainment! Now, to interest its viewers, the show has brought something unusual.

Yes! Read the title once again! For the first time in Hellcats history, a case will not be solved by the team! In fact, Marti will take it on herself alone, to crack the case!

This episode entitled ‘Before I Was Caught’ will focus on a case, which Marti wants to take in her hands! Marti will persuade Julian to allow her to stand for a Lancer University student at Honor Court. But, when she gets into the details of the case, she will realize that the case is more personal than she had thought!

That’s not the end! Red and Vanessa will be astounded to know that Red’s former wife has been appointed to investigate information about staff and athletic plans!

I’m sure this has compelled you to watch Hellcats s01e19 online! So, wait for it to hit the screens and see how Marti cracks the case!

Bleach Episode 319 Brings Ichigo’s Escape From The Soul Society!

Bleach is getting darker, and even scarier in season 15. Last episode saw Ichigo getting captured in Seireitei. Although he was later rescued by Rukia, he had a real tough time in the jail.

Something similar will be taking place on April 26, 2011, when Bleach episode 319 full streaming unveils the excitement… Only this time, Ichigo may not be at the receiving end.

Episode 319 is titled, “Ichigo’s Capture Net! Escape From Soul Society!” It would have moments that would not only be exciting, but also very demanding for Ichigo and Rukia.

Ichigo learned from Rukia about the time gap between the two worlds. The explanation was hindered by the attacks from the Soul Reapers. But, the upcoming Bleach episode will let Ichigo know everything about the Soul Society, as the Soul Society would see an escape attempt.

Would it be easy to esacpe the confines of the soul society!

Catch this one, as this is where the ultimate fun lies! After so much of action, Bleach really smells like Bleach!

Friday, 22 April 2011

Watch High Stakes Poker season 7 episode 9 online and see how no one cares about the money!

With this highly-novel idea, one thing is for sure that when it comes to poker, the money matters a lot, but what matters more is the thrill and excitement of it all.

Watch High Stakes Poker s07e09 online and you would know, what I mean. It is one show where even the biggest of monies seem tiny. This is the show which though keeping you safe brings to you all the thrills and chills that you can possibly imagine associating with a poker game.

Come to think of it and you know it’s a good bargain. In the previous episode, for example, the kind of hand that Baxter and Duhamel played, it simply can not be labeled anything less than the extraordinary.

This is the reason that this show has turned up with its season 7, its ‘coz people can’t get enough of it. Watching others making a fortune in a second, and seeing some others losing tons of money, is what gives the audience, the missing spice in their life and whenever there are high stakes involved, one thing is assured that entertainment won’t be less even by the measure of an iota.

May it be for the guest stars, the novice players or the experienced handlers; the game just floods your brain with excitement and swamps your heart with emotions.

It may be somebody else’s money, but it is money nevertheless, and being humans, we can’t stop our souls from sticking to it and this is exactly, what makes us watch this show, over and over again.

Watch Make It or Break It Season 2 Episode 15 – It’s Up To Sasha!

Will Sasha join The Rock? The long impending question may well be answered when Make It or Break It comes with yet another eventful episode on April 25, 2011.

It’s titled as “Hungary Heart”, and we all know about the Hungary story. Girls are now all set for an international meet in Hungary. The last episode slightly left them rued as they did not find a tough and worthy opponent in the face of Pinewood Club; the Club proved out to be too easy for them to beat.

MIOBI s02e15 will now take them to Hungary and would make for a grand show. Girls from The Rock are all set to give their best performance, but they need someone else.

The team will try to persuade Sasha into joining The Rock once again. They will be seen flying to Hungary, but the flight would also stop at Romania, where they would meet Sasha.

Whether things will turn out as planned or not, isn’t known as of now, but things will turn out to be interesting is something that I am pretty sure about!

Gossip Girl season 4 episode 19 to offer drama in abundance!

Check out Gossip Girl this week as we are in for a big surprise. Serena is getting overtly suspicious, and is even going on to the extent of employing a spy. But why?

Watch Gossip Girl season 4 episode 19 full video, which is titled as “Petty in Pink”, and know why! Well, I will tell you…anyway.

Dan and Blair have recently been spending some time together, and there seems to be developing ‘something’ between them. We can’t forget the lip-lock, can we? Well, Serena is getting cautious and wants to know why they are spending so much of time together!

In comes Charlie! Serena will send him to spy on the couple. Though it’s hard to believe such things, they are true, nonetheless. Just like the development of (again) ‘something’ is true between Raina and Nate!

Raina now seriously wants to learn about her mother. These are situations which you can ‘actually’ use to get close to someone. So, in comes the ‘big’ helping hand of Nate. Can Raina know anything about her mother? We will see!

And, last but not the least, there is Chuck with his devastating past. He is losing everything; see if you can save him! Well, I can’t!

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Watch the ‘Good American People’ as you Enjoy The Amazing Race Season 18 Episode 9!

There are numerous reality shows which are currently aired on the small screen, but very few of them actually manage to catch viewer’s attention. Just imagine, if a show gives you the option to race around the world and win a prize money of $1,000,000, what will be your reaction?

You’ll definitely be more than delighted. Well, what I’m talking about here is none other than the show, The Amazing Race. The contestants of the show are divided into teams and then, they have to race around the world to win that enticing amount.

The point highlighting the show’s credibility is that by far, the show has completed seventeen seasons and is successfully running in its eighteenth one. Now, let’s talk about the forthcoming episode 9 as it’s the next one to be aired.

In episode 9, titled ‘We're Good American People’, the remaining six teams would leave Villa Trap to carry on with their race.

Which team will make it to the finals? Which team will be eliminated? Well, avail The Amazing Race season 18 episode 9 stream online after it airs and get all the answers!

Smallville Season 10 Episode 18 ‘Advent of Two New Superheroes’ Brings on More Action!

Hi guys! Welcome back to another round of sci-fi superhero action!

The legion of superheroes has fascinated us time to time. We witnessed this adaptation of our liking towards Superman in the year 2001, and it’s still going gung-ho!

It could even beat the Guinness world record as the largest running show ever. We all love superman, don’t we?

The immemorially loved story of Superman, is in sync with the saga of Clark Kent in Smallville. But wait!

There is a small backdrop here.

Kent used to be an alien from the planet Krypton. It was a childish wish of his, to become the savior of humanity. He lands on Smallvile when his spaceship gets crashed. There the story unfolds as he is raised by his new-found parents.

We can go on with all the events by browsing through the previous seasons, and once that is done, we are click-ready for a Smallville season 10 episode 18 download, which will depict the latest in the story.

After this, the story nicely depicts the sojourn of Kent from a small lad to ‘Superman’. I know it’s quite enticing to delve into the adventurous life of Kent, from his youth to adulthood. As he transforms, he finds a friend in Lex Luthor.

As you saw, in the last episode, after the Vigilante Registration Act, Clarke is in doldrums about his identity as The Blur. Now, in the subsequent 18th episode, further, as Booster Gold, from the future, reaches Metropolis, he becomes a darling of the Media as a superhero.

But during one of his rescue efforts he misses his aim, and it lands onto a lad, transforming him into Blue Beetle. The duo make their presence felt in the city Metropolis, as Blue Beetle is villainous and a danger to the city.

So guys! Gear up to catch all the action in the show.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Watch The Office S07E21 Online for the Annual Dundie Awards Ceremony

Do you think that office is a cumbersome place, where nothing other than some paper signing, phone calls, donut munching and innumerable cups of coffee takes place, must be either working in a supermarket or would have never taken a watch of this show.

The Office is a place where you find every emotion that mankind knows, taking rounds. This famous comedy series portrays all that can happen, within the boring routine of a workplace.

The comedy series covers everything from grapevine that materializes from nowhere, to the hearts that start beating for the ones working around you. The latest installment of The Office will see the last antics of Michael, as he prepares to vacate the seat of supervisor.

In the last episode, everybody was trying hard to write their names in the good books of the new boss, leading to some hilarious sequences between different characters. But now, the odds are against the new supervisor.

In the next watch of The Office, Michael would monitor his successor Deangelo, and assign him the task of playing host at the Annual Dundie Awards ceremony. Deangelo will take on the demanding task, under Michael’s watch, and all hell will break loose when planned things will go haywire.

Watch The Office Season 7 Episode 21 online to witness the events, as the new twists and turns during the whole arrangement, muddle up everything. On the other hand, Erin will realize that the relationship she shares with her boyfriend, Gabe, is in the doldrums. She is having second thoughts about her love interest, and will be seen battling her personal demons.

So, stay glued to the television screen when the upcoming episode airs, because this is not something you would like to give a miss.

Watch Pokemon Episode 665 - Experience Entertainment Galore!

The entertainment is going to embrace a spicier tinge, when Pokemon anime series moves towards episode 665, scheduled to hit the television screens very soon!

Titled as ‘Here Comes the Trubbish Squad’, it will begin with the gang having a hard time, while facing a bunch of schoolchildren. The trouble-makers will have Garbage Pokemon Yabukuron for company.

The gang will then move to a close by kindergarten, where a teacher (Miss Yuri) will enlighten them on the fact that kids saw the Yabukuron at a rubbish dumping site, and took it back to the school.

But this teacher had denied them the permission to have Yabukuron for company at the school. So, the garbage Pokemon was again sent to the garbage site. However, the children will again lay their hands on it, and will form a special gang.

Satoshi will decide to persuade them to let Yabukuron go, but aggression from the other side will surprise him. In spite of this violent encounter, he will go on to strike a friendship with the group.

Thereafter, Meguroco will be seen at the school, with kids having plans to make it battle with Yabukuron. Miss Yuri will come into the picture, exhibiting readiness to fight the Yabukuron group, to decide if Yabukuron can remain within the campus or not.

Satoshi, who is now part of the group, will throw a challenge at Miss Yuri. She will decide to let Shikijika take on Pikachu. Unfortunately, as the fight moves forward, a pile of rubbish will fall with a thud, almost injuring one of the children.
However, a timely move by Miss Yuri will avert the impending danger. Afterwards, she will become willing to let Yabukuron stay, and everyone wipe off the accumulated mess.

With an amazing storyline and non-stop action on the cards, you will simply love to watch Pokemon episode 665 online, after its telecast. Have a complete fun-blast in the company of anime entertainment, that remains atop the popularity charts.

Keep in touch, as more updates are on the way!

Fringe Season 3 Episode 20 Steps Ahead to Entertain With a Captivating Story and Notable Guest Stars

Hello everyone!

As the show is heading towards the finale, the portrayal in Fringe is getting even more captivating and crispier than before. I support my statement with the last two segments of the show.

The abduction of Fauxlivia and processing her to speed-up the delivery of her baby, the swapping of Olivia and Fauxlivia of the main universe, and fight for Olivia’s life, accompanied by numerous twists in the show along with cliffhangers.

With the anticipation of such occurrences in the next episode too, people are waiting desperately to view episode 20. We can get exposed to events, which are engrossed in the show for our entertainment, through spoilers. So, let’s put the cat out of the bag!

The episode entitled ‘6:02 AM EST’ will focus mainly on Walternate. In the show, you will learn that Walternate will discover a method to create destruction. His discovery will trigger the commencement of the end. His anxiousness for vengeance will result in a number of problems in the ‘alternate universe’.

The spoilers certify another spicy episode! The desire to know the consequences of Walternate’s rage on the alternate universe, will lure the viewers to get a glimpse of it.

Another factor, which will make you access a Fringe S03E20 stream online, is the appearance of guest stars. Since its inception, guest stars have played an important role, as far as the success of the show is concerned. Therefore, to add thrill to the story, the upcoming episode is installed with numerous well-known faces.

Jennifer Koenig will play the role of Nurse Gail; Seth Gabel will portray Lincoln Lee. In addition to that, Sam Weiss’ character will be executed by Kevin Corrigan, and the role of Alternate Brandon will be carried out by Ryan James McDonald.

The blend of the story with the performances of guest stars, will produce an entertaining product. Therefore, wait for the episode to hit the screen and enjoy, as the curtain rises over the suspense!

It's a Matter of Love And Life on Degrassi The Next Generation S10e44!

There’s much hullabaloo among Degrassi fans these days! And why not, after all it’s matter of love and life on the forthcoming episode of Degrassi The next Generation.

All fans have set their eyes on the next episode, as it will reveal the fate of Clare and Eli’s relationship. The episode would hold out that everything should be within a limit; otherwise, it can lead to a whole myriad of troubles.

Are you confused! Well, I’m here to clear the air for you!

The flight of surprises would take-off on Julia’s death anniversary as it will introduce a new twist in the dwindling love story of Clare and Eli. From the past few episodes, fans are finding it difficult to understand the change in Eli’s behavior.

His excessive attraction towards Clare has surprised one and all, he’s been displaying a weird attitude. He’s showing such a fondness towards Clare that she’s getting irritated.

Well, possessiveness is good, but only to a point. To love someone, you aren’t required to stick like a magnet to the object of your affection. I think this is the lesson that Eli needs to learn, in order to win Clare’s heart.

Fans would watch Degrassi The Next Generation season 10 episode 44 online, to see if something weird is happening to Eli. It would also see him struggling to come to terms with Julia’s demise!

To the delight of all the ardent Degrassi admirers, Eli would be provided with the required consultation by his father, Bullfrog.

It’s Clare who’ll approach Bullfrog for his valuable tips on relationships!

What would happen now! Would Bullfrog’s tips be of some help!

Check this out for yourself!

American Idol Meets 21st Century ! What Age Do These Singers Belong To?

Right! So, we bid adieu to Paul McDonald! Did anyone so much as feel bad for him? We all did!

When it comes down to elimination, even if it’s someone we never anticipated a win for, his final speech and steps that drag him out of the centre stage does tend to bring tears (yes, tears) to our eyes! It’s in the colloquial sense that I use ‘his’ and ‘him’ – ladies, you are included, too!

As you see American Idol season 10 episode 28 stream online on April 20, 2011, you can’t help but, notice that it will be one of the remaining seven, who will see the door when…

American Idol season 10 episode 29 download becomes one of the most viable things of the present time. That’s how incandescent things can get – we blind ourselves when things such radiant as American Idol, come on screen.

So, what exactly the seven warriors will be singing? They will sing songs from the present century! That means, we are up for something boisterous here, and, although I could never distinguish songs from the past, I will certainly manage a decent conversation on music post episode 28 lesson.

To me and many out there, American Idol is like a metaphor to the singer we think we are, but never gave so much like an attempt to bring them out. Of course I can sing! It’s just that I start wondering, who will write about these budding singers, if I take the centre stage!

Check out their performances this upcoming week!

In Supernatural s06e18, Sam and Dean Travel to 19th Century

Hello everyone!

When Sam and Dean get ready and roll up their sleeves, there is no hope for escape for ghosts and spirits. They engage viewers with lots of action and suspense. Talking of the previous episode, it included the Titanic ship. The involvement of Titanic, brought back everything about the tragedy. Recently, the tragic accident completed its 99 years. Probably, due to this reason, it was incorporated in Supernatural.

Anyway! Now Supernatural is ready to air yet another nerve-wracking story! And you know what! Sam Hennings will make an appearance on the show. In addition to that, viewers will have a lot many things to enjoy in the upcoming episode. So wanna know about it! OK here I go!

The episode entitled ‘Frontierland’ will focus on the battle of Dean and Eve. Dean will explore a technique to overpower Eve. As a result, he will get Samuel Colt's chronicle. Therefore, Dean will realize that Samuel Colt can assist him to succeed Eve.

In order to do so, Dean and Sam will ask Castiel to transport them to the era of 19th century, because Samuel Colt existed in this particular period. Their motive will be to get acquainted with the skills to overpower Eve. As a result, they will confront Samuel Colt.

From the spoilers of the next episode, a large viewership can be anticipated. It includes action, suspense, drama and the most engaging time travel. Moreover, the performance of the guest star Sam Hennings will definitely lure viewers to grab Supernatural season 6 episode 18 download, and keep a masterpiece of his performance in the horror drama.

So, just wait for the fun to hit the screen and see how the brothers defeat Eve with the help of Samuel Colt.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Doctor Who Meets The Impossible Astronaut in s06e01

Time travelling begins, once again!

Doctor Who is here with a brand new story. Watch Doctor Who season 6 episode 1 The Impossible Astronaut as the team would be on its way to Utah!

Doctor Whos’s adventure would take him back to the year 1960. The upcoming segment would have Amy, Rory, River Song and our Doctor. He would be trailing the clues that give him some information about the date, time and the supposed location.

It’s going to be quite interesting as this episode will also have an appearance by ‘Silence’ – Doctor Who’s arch-rival! His anticipated appearance is genereating tremendous excitement, and the coming segment is not something to miss.

This soon-to-bbe aired episode will see the team lead by The Doctor, travelling to the Oval Office in Washington D.C. Well, great fun would kickstart on April 23, 2011.