Monday, 25 April 2011

It's 'anything for love' in the latest phase of The Vampire Diaries season 2 episode 20

The enigmatic fiction that comes with the name tag of The Vampire Diaries is about to air its latest episode and it is something that is teeming with love.

The episode titled ‘The Last Day’ is slated to air on the 28th of this month and is something that will make the love bird in you, do crazy flights.

As you watch The Vampire Diaries s02e20, you will see two major happenings. First being Damon’s persevering attempts to stop Klaus from breaking the curse. Second being Stefan and Elena’s romantic outing before the full moon, fearing that this day out of theirs may boil out to be their last.

Aptly, the episode has been tilted ‘The Last Day.’ These are not the only events that this episode promises to bring to you. As Damon attempts to protect Elena, the tension between him and Stefan rises and blows up to quite an unwanted degree. Also this episode will bring Tyler back to Mystic falls.

With all this, the episode will give the story a very fine turn and take the order into further confusion.

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