Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Smallville Season 10 Episode 19 Online Really a ‘Dominion’

Hello, to all the fans or rather residents of Smallville!

The show has been around for long now, and there are two more episodes left before the grand finale. The celebration of this series would indeed be seemingly endless, as far as nostalgia is concerned.

So, for now, just bask in the glory of past years and wait for the ‘Dominion’. Yes! Episode 19 of the latest season has been entitled that, and it’s no misnomer.

All this time, we witnessed Clarke’s progress from a farm lad, into the American symbol of truth and justice. And lately, with the advent of new characters, like Booster Gold, the upcoming episode would be adrenalin-pumping.

This new episode would showcase Green Arrow a.k.a. Oliver, thriving hard on entertainment. And like a true-blue fan of the show, you would like to be spoiled, before you actually watch Smallville s10e19 online.

We would see the escapades of prisoners of the Phantom Zone. It would be so exciting to watch Clark and Oliver demystify the escaping route of these prisoners. Sounds Wow!

And yeah, as reported, we would also see the much-awaited arrival of Kryptonian villain, Zod.

I am telling you; don’t miss the fag end of this 10-year-old superhero ride.

Happy viewing!

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