Friday, 22 April 2011

Watch High Stakes Poker season 7 episode 9 online and see how no one cares about the money!

With this highly-novel idea, one thing is for sure that when it comes to poker, the money matters a lot, but what matters more is the thrill and excitement of it all.

Watch High Stakes Poker s07e09 online and you would know, what I mean. It is one show where even the biggest of monies seem tiny. This is the show which though keeping you safe brings to you all the thrills and chills that you can possibly imagine associating with a poker game.

Come to think of it and you know it’s a good bargain. In the previous episode, for example, the kind of hand that Baxter and Duhamel played, it simply can not be labeled anything less than the extraordinary.

This is the reason that this show has turned up with its season 7, its ‘coz people can’t get enough of it. Watching others making a fortune in a second, and seeing some others losing tons of money, is what gives the audience, the missing spice in their life and whenever there are high stakes involved, one thing is assured that entertainment won’t be less even by the measure of an iota.

May it be for the guest stars, the novice players or the experienced handlers; the game just floods your brain with excitement and swamps your heart with emotions.

It may be somebody else’s money, but it is money nevertheless, and being humans, we can’t stop our souls from sticking to it and this is exactly, what makes us watch this show, over and over again.

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