Wednesday, 20 April 2011

In Supernatural s06e18, Sam and Dean Travel to 19th Century

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When Sam and Dean get ready and roll up their sleeves, there is no hope for escape for ghosts and spirits. They engage viewers with lots of action and suspense. Talking of the previous episode, it included the Titanic ship. The involvement of Titanic, brought back everything about the tragedy. Recently, the tragic accident completed its 99 years. Probably, due to this reason, it was incorporated in Supernatural.

Anyway! Now Supernatural is ready to air yet another nerve-wracking story! And you know what! Sam Hennings will make an appearance on the show. In addition to that, viewers will have a lot many things to enjoy in the upcoming episode. So wanna know about it! OK here I go!

The episode entitled ‘Frontierland’ will focus on the battle of Dean and Eve. Dean will explore a technique to overpower Eve. As a result, he will get Samuel Colt's chronicle. Therefore, Dean will realize that Samuel Colt can assist him to succeed Eve.

In order to do so, Dean and Sam will ask Castiel to transport them to the era of 19th century, because Samuel Colt existed in this particular period. Their motive will be to get acquainted with the skills to overpower Eve. As a result, they will confront Samuel Colt.

From the spoilers of the next episode, a large viewership can be anticipated. It includes action, suspense, drama and the most engaging time travel. Moreover, the performance of the guest star Sam Hennings will definitely lure viewers to grab Supernatural season 6 episode 18 download, and keep a masterpiece of his performance in the horror drama.

So, just wait for the fun to hit the screen and see how the brothers defeat Eve with the help of Samuel Colt.

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