Wednesday, 20 April 2011

American Idol Meets 21st Century ! What Age Do These Singers Belong To?

Right! So, we bid adieu to Paul McDonald! Did anyone so much as feel bad for him? We all did!

When it comes down to elimination, even if it’s someone we never anticipated a win for, his final speech and steps that drag him out of the centre stage does tend to bring tears (yes, tears) to our eyes! It’s in the colloquial sense that I use ‘his’ and ‘him’ – ladies, you are included, too!

As you see American Idol season 10 episode 28 stream online on April 20, 2011, you can’t help but, notice that it will be one of the remaining seven, who will see the door when…

American Idol season 10 episode 29 download becomes one of the most viable things of the present time. That’s how incandescent things can get – we blind ourselves when things such radiant as American Idol, come on screen.

So, what exactly the seven warriors will be singing? They will sing songs from the present century! That means, we are up for something boisterous here, and, although I could never distinguish songs from the past, I will certainly manage a decent conversation on music post episode 28 lesson.

To me and many out there, American Idol is like a metaphor to the singer we think we are, but never gave so much like an attempt to bring them out. Of course I can sing! It’s just that I start wondering, who will write about these budding singers, if I take the centre stage!

Check out their performances this upcoming week!

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