Wednesday, 20 April 2011

It's a Matter of Love And Life on Degrassi The Next Generation S10e44!

There’s much hullabaloo among Degrassi fans these days! And why not, after all it’s matter of love and life on the forthcoming episode of Degrassi The next Generation.

All fans have set their eyes on the next episode, as it will reveal the fate of Clare and Eli’s relationship. The episode would hold out that everything should be within a limit; otherwise, it can lead to a whole myriad of troubles.

Are you confused! Well, I’m here to clear the air for you!

The flight of surprises would take-off on Julia’s death anniversary as it will introduce a new twist in the dwindling love story of Clare and Eli. From the past few episodes, fans are finding it difficult to understand the change in Eli’s behavior.

His excessive attraction towards Clare has surprised one and all, he’s been displaying a weird attitude. He’s showing such a fondness towards Clare that she’s getting irritated.

Well, possessiveness is good, but only to a point. To love someone, you aren’t required to stick like a magnet to the object of your affection. I think this is the lesson that Eli needs to learn, in order to win Clare’s heart.

Fans would watch Degrassi The Next Generation season 10 episode 44 online, to see if something weird is happening to Eli. It would also see him struggling to come to terms with Julia’s demise!

To the delight of all the ardent Degrassi admirers, Eli would be provided with the required consultation by his father, Bullfrog.

It’s Clare who’ll approach Bullfrog for his valuable tips on relationships!

What would happen now! Would Bullfrog’s tips be of some help!

Check this out for yourself!

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