Thursday, 21 April 2011

Smallville Season 10 Episode 18 ‘Advent of Two New Superheroes’ Brings on More Action!

Hi guys! Welcome back to another round of sci-fi superhero action!

The legion of superheroes has fascinated us time to time. We witnessed this adaptation of our liking towards Superman in the year 2001, and it’s still going gung-ho!

It could even beat the Guinness world record as the largest running show ever. We all love superman, don’t we?

The immemorially loved story of Superman, is in sync with the saga of Clark Kent in Smallville. But wait!

There is a small backdrop here.

Kent used to be an alien from the planet Krypton. It was a childish wish of his, to become the savior of humanity. He lands on Smallvile when his spaceship gets crashed. There the story unfolds as he is raised by his new-found parents.

We can go on with all the events by browsing through the previous seasons, and once that is done, we are click-ready for a Smallville season 10 episode 18 download, which will depict the latest in the story.

After this, the story nicely depicts the sojourn of Kent from a small lad to ‘Superman’. I know it’s quite enticing to delve into the adventurous life of Kent, from his youth to adulthood. As he transforms, he finds a friend in Lex Luthor.

As you saw, in the last episode, after the Vigilante Registration Act, Clarke is in doldrums about his identity as The Blur. Now, in the subsequent 18th episode, further, as Booster Gold, from the future, reaches Metropolis, he becomes a darling of the Media as a superhero.

But during one of his rescue efforts he misses his aim, and it lands onto a lad, transforming him into Blue Beetle. The duo make their presence felt in the city Metropolis, as Blue Beetle is villainous and a danger to the city.

So guys! Gear up to catch all the action in the show.

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