Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Watch The Office S07E21 Online for the Annual Dundie Awards Ceremony

Do you think that office is a cumbersome place, where nothing other than some paper signing, phone calls, donut munching and innumerable cups of coffee takes place, must be either working in a supermarket or would have never taken a watch of this show.

The Office is a place where you find every emotion that mankind knows, taking rounds. This famous comedy series portrays all that can happen, within the boring routine of a workplace.

The comedy series covers everything from grapevine that materializes from nowhere, to the hearts that start beating for the ones working around you. The latest installment of The Office will see the last antics of Michael, as he prepares to vacate the seat of supervisor.

In the last episode, everybody was trying hard to write their names in the good books of the new boss, leading to some hilarious sequences between different characters. But now, the odds are against the new supervisor.

In the next watch of The Office, Michael would monitor his successor Deangelo, and assign him the task of playing host at the Annual Dundie Awards ceremony. Deangelo will take on the demanding task, under Michael’s watch, and all hell will break loose when planned things will go haywire.

Watch The Office Season 7 Episode 21 online to witness the events, as the new twists and turns during the whole arrangement, muddle up everything. On the other hand, Erin will realize that the relationship she shares with her boyfriend, Gabe, is in the doldrums. She is having second thoughts about her love interest, and will be seen battling her personal demons.

So, stay glued to the television screen when the upcoming episode airs, because this is not something you would like to give a miss.

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