Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Watch Pokemon Episode 665 - Experience Entertainment Galore!

The entertainment is going to embrace a spicier tinge, when Pokemon anime series moves towards episode 665, scheduled to hit the television screens very soon!

Titled as ‘Here Comes the Trubbish Squad’, it will begin with the gang having a hard time, while facing a bunch of schoolchildren. The trouble-makers will have Garbage Pokemon Yabukuron for company.

The gang will then move to a close by kindergarten, where a teacher (Miss Yuri) will enlighten them on the fact that kids saw the Yabukuron at a rubbish dumping site, and took it back to the school.

But this teacher had denied them the permission to have Yabukuron for company at the school. So, the garbage Pokemon was again sent to the garbage site. However, the children will again lay their hands on it, and will form a special gang.

Satoshi will decide to persuade them to let Yabukuron go, but aggression from the other side will surprise him. In spite of this violent encounter, he will go on to strike a friendship with the group.

Thereafter, Meguroco will be seen at the school, with kids having plans to make it battle with Yabukuron. Miss Yuri will come into the picture, exhibiting readiness to fight the Yabukuron group, to decide if Yabukuron can remain within the campus or not.

Satoshi, who is now part of the group, will throw a challenge at Miss Yuri. She will decide to let Shikijika take on Pikachu. Unfortunately, as the fight moves forward, a pile of rubbish will fall with a thud, almost injuring one of the children.
However, a timely move by Miss Yuri will avert the impending danger. Afterwards, she will become willing to let Yabukuron stay, and everyone wipe off the accumulated mess.

With an amazing storyline and non-stop action on the cards, you will simply love to watch Pokemon episode 665 online, after its telecast. Have a complete fun-blast in the company of anime entertainment, that remains atop the popularity charts.

Keep in touch, as more updates are on the way!

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