Thursday, 28 April 2011

Will One Piece Episode 496 Depict The Unusual Once Again?

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One Piece started with the journey of Luffy to become the King of Pirates. But, as the show progressed, it showed something unanticipated. Talking of the current season, when people were expecting some action, the show went emotional.

I will not go too far to justify the statement. The second episode, which aired in 2011, depicted the death of Ace. In the quest of saving Luffy’s life from Akainu, Ace sacrificed his life. It was a heart-touching depiction, when Ace apologized for not being able to save Luffy.

Even after Ace died, viewers did come across him in one of the recently-aired episodes! However, they saw him in a flashback featured in the series. So, when people were actually expecting hardcore action, the show went the emotional way again!

In the story, Luffy met Ace ten years before he encountered the waves of the sea. Ace didn’t like him at all when they met for the first time. The depiction went poignant when Ace tried to make things difficult for Luffy.

Now a question arises. Will One Piece episode 496 surprise its viewers with unanticipated depictions? Well, we can only get the answer after the installment airs. Therefore, let’s wait and see the next segment and find out what the show has got in store for us.

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